Sunny winter days!

Winter is no time to ditch the sunscreen. This is especially true in sunny South Africa.

The CF Sunscreen range offers a few exciting sunscreen options to take care of your year-round sun protection needs. In an attempt to put the range to THE ULTIMATE TEST, I decided to add these items not only to my make-up kit on a few occasions but also to my transition bag during the recent Ironman 70.3 Durban triathlon.

I tested the ‘CF SPF Mist’ SPF 25, ‘CF SunScreen’ SPF 40 and ‘CF LipBalm’ SPF 40. Let’s break it down.

Packaging: Friendly. The white and bright orange tones take me back to my sunbathing days during my recent trip to the tropical Mauritius. The size is perfect for carrying in your hand luggage on the plane and the squeeze tubes are ideal to keep your product hygienic. The pump on the SPF Mist worked perfectly 90% of the time. The 10% failure might be due to my uncoordinated hand action or an air bubble getting caught in the pump during our flight to sunny Durbs.

Scent: Soft. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft scent of all three products. With sunscreens we are usually hit by a strong scent of tropical or fruity aromas, but the CF range rather resembles the typical tones we find in our day creams and moisturizers.

Efficacy: Worked like a charm. I tested these products on males and females, before and during photoshoots, high-intensity and outdoor training sessions and it held up throughout. The CF LipBalm was my immediate go-to product during my triathlon and I have it at hand throughout the day as it protects and moisturizes my lips with the benefit of an SPF 40. The SPF Mist acts as a defense against the harmful rays of the sun and also reduces and calms redness. This product is a firm favourite when prepping my models for shoots.

Texture: SPF Mist – a very light spray that does not intrude on your make-up application. You can reapply the mist a few times and at 40 minute intervals. CF LipBalm – Rich and jelly-like. CF SunScreen – A light cream that does not leave a white residue.

Price: SPF Mist – 100ml – R228; CF LipBalm – 10ml – R30; CF SunScreen – 20ml – R35 Definitely a steal when considering the quality of the products.

Conclusion: 8.5/10 If you are looking for a sunscreen range that is non greasy, ideal for sensitive skin, and protects against UVA and UVB rays then you have found a winner in the CF range. These products are very reasonably priced and perfect for the girl/guy on the move. Have a look at their entire range at

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